Case Studies

Real Estate agents have a fiercely competitive marketplace, and one company aims to help agents get the edge.  They are always trying to get ever listing, and match every buyer they can, as quickly as possible to increase their bottom line and advance their careers.  With all of the competition trying to beat them to every deal, it is harder than ever for agents to find new listings, and keep up on the available product on the market for their buyers.

TeamRealtyU understands this, and wants to help by offering Agents, Brokers and the service providers that service the Real Estate Industry and online social media application designed specifically for them, that focuses on meeting their needs, and improving their businesses as easily and quickly as possible.  

The TRU team came to Rampant Imaginations with this vision, and expresses a strong desire to do everything in their power to see it realized.

Brought in right at the inception of the idea, Rampant Imaginations worked closely with the TeamRealtyU staff to identify their key markets of Agents, Brokerages, and Service Providers and helped them shape out the ecosystem of their social media platform, and each audiences place in it.  

From there, we determined at a minimum TeamRealtyU needed to create a strong brand identity that closely matched their product goals, supporting sales collateral, a marketing website to support the online application, as well as develop the application itself.

For the TeamRealtyU brand, the team wanted to have an instantly recognizable, unique brand that showcased the unique combination of realtor education and sales.  A brand mark was created that incorporated a home, with the mortar board and tassel of graduates to form this indelible image. Rampant Imaginations, then paired this with a clean legible font to finalize the look and feel that would permeate all materials to come.

TeamRealtyU had a “chicken or the egg” question hanging in the air.  Do they work on Agent, Brokers, or Service providers first? Which was the most important? Who should they cater to first?  With all groups representing revenue, it became critical to find the right place to start since it would be difficult, and next to impossible to manage three number one priorities.  Rampant Imaginations and its partner, Core Element worked with the TeamRealtyU team every step of the way to identify the best way to approach this issue, and determined that the focus would be on satisfying the agent audience, and providing content from the other two as needed to support it.  Next up would be the service providers, as they were identified to have simpler requirements for revenue generation, and provide the team with short term cash which would augment further development of the system.  Finally, the brokers themselves would be targeted, with programs designed specifically to encourage them to have their agents signup and utilize the system to maximize profits and product turnaround for the firm.

To cater to the applications main audiences, it was determined that a marketing site was needed to inform and educate these audiences on the solution available to alleviate their current pain points in a sour economy.  Rampant Imaginations came up with a site template that perfectly matched the look and feel of the newly created company logo, and helped users self identify which group they belonged too, and provided quality background and program information which all lead to the “Join Today” functionality where they could create their accounts and be in the system within seconds.

As the marketing site was being developed, A great deal of time, energy, and care went into researching each of the three audiences unique needs and requirements and distilling them into a finite list of achievable goals.  From this list Rampant Imaginations started work on prototyping the application screens, and interfaces needed for the desired application features. Once a round was completed, it was presented back to the TeamRealtyU team for discussion and feedback, and then another round of prototypes was presented with updated screens and features suggested by everyone.

Once the team reached consensus on the design of the applications look and feel, and its features and workflows, Rampant Imaginations turned the prototypes into living breathing code the team could see and work with.  Like the prototyping process, this was also iterative going back and forth making changes and enhancements where needed until the team was satisfied the application met all of the stated goals of the platform, and set a date for its public announcement.

Finally, to aid the TeamRealtyU sales force in hitting the road to promote the site, a set of sales packets, pocket folders, business cards and brochures were developed.  All of these materials  sported the full TeamRealtyU brand, and pulled all of the materials together in a clean, clear, and consistent manner.

With the buzz building, TeamRealtyU is currently enjoying monthly boosts to its online membership, and is currently upgrading their subscription models and continuously adding new features like the ability to subscribe to the application right online, and enhancements to the matching functions described above.  The success stories still keep coming in of agents that have used the system and found properties listed they didn’t know existed that matched their buyers needs and were able to make deals quicker and easier than ever.

"The end result was terrific, a new fresh, more interactive site, full of new exciting content. "

- Bruce McClellan,
Pinnacle Realty