Case Studies

With unemployment numbers still a contributing factor to the nation’s recovery, Metrix Learning aims to lower that number using cutting edge tools to provide the unemployed with free online training to boost their skillset and make them more attractive to prospective employers. 
When Metrix Learning approached Rampant Imaginations, they had been offering this service through state and local government Workforce Investment boards throughout New York State for 5 years.  They had experienced some growth and adoption of the initial product, including an expansion of service into Connecticut. But, the current application as it was, didn’t really showcase the power and possibilities of the system, and the current interface was difficult for users to become familiar with and navigate.

Metrix Learning had a strong desire to not only give the application a facelift with a whole new look and feel, but also wanted to add many new exciting features to make providing the system to the unemployed a no-brainer for Workforce Investment boards.  Metrix Learning wanted to redefine their image, add functionality to their existing product, and update their corporate website and marketing collateral. Additionally, they had a strong desire to move into the national online learning market.  They knew that doing so meant the needed to step up their game with a new brand identity, supporting print materials, and a new online web presence that would serve to attract, inform, and motivate site visitors into seeing what Metrix could do for their individual situations and needs.

For the online application, an extensive review was done of the current system becoming familiar with how it worked, the markets and audiences it served, and examining their desired workflows.  Next, Rampant Imaginations compared these desires against the current functionality of the application and found numerous ways to improve the look, feel, and intuitiveness of the application.  Doing so minimized the number of support calls and emails received by the staff by over 65% in the first three months alone.  Also, new features were researched and added to make Metrix Learning a “one stop shop” for your job search needs with capabilities like:

  • An integrated Job Search function that actively looks through online databases for jobs that match the users new skill set.
  • An integrated resume tool that allows users to add and revise multiple versions of their resume in the system and share them electronically with employers, and export or print them out for their own job searches and interviews
  • A new fully functional licensing system that allowed Metrix to keep an automated count of licenses purchased by each organization, and even allows them to recycle licenses that were never fully utilized.
  • A completely new look and feel (or skin) for the application, which also included screen by screen reviews of functionality and modifications as needed to improve usability.

In addition to the online application overhaul, Metrix Learning was suffering from multiple brand identity disorder.  There were at least four different names the company went by, and even the employees had a hard time keeping them all straight.  Next order of business after the application update was a new brand identity. As a team everyone decided that the “Metrix Learning” name was most descriptive of the company, its goals, and what it offered as a product. 

From this name, a new brand was formed that used the long standing blue colors of past logos (which they wanted to carry through), and also show in some fashion how Metrix Learning is committed not only to online training, but also being able to report on usage and track results of the Workforce Investment Board Customers.

Next up was the corporate website which served to inform site visitors of the products, and see examples of how has already worked and its results.  The site was built to model a sales funnel, moving visitors to be prospects, leads, and eventual sales.  The new site utilized the new brand, tagline, and graphical styles utilized in the online application.
Finally, a set of envelopes, business cards, and product sellsheets rounded out the mix.  With all of these pieces in place, Metrix Learning was ready to move out to the national market, with a clean, clear, consistent look, feel, and message.


At last count, Metrix Learning went from 34 customers in New York and Connecticut to over 90 in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas, California, Michigan, Illinois, and California, and Pennsylvania.  They continue to update the online application and website and are still working hard to help reduce the number of unemployed across the country through education and training.

"Rampant Imaginations is exceptional at developing applications to maximize workflow and program efficiencies."

- Kirk Harbinger,
Vice President
Metrix Learning