Case Studies

A high tech company located in Malta NY, Auterra employs beyond cutting edge scientific processes to extract the maximum amount of fuel from raw crude oil, in an effective and environmentally safe fashion. 

Auterra presented an unusual desire in marketing.  Rather than wanting help promoting and selling its products, they wanted instead to promote and sell the entire corporation.  Their existing logo and marketing materials didn’t evoke the technological expertise under the hood at Auterra, and the team requested help in putting together an entirely new corporate identity, website, and supporting sales materials. 

We worked closely with Auterra’s C-level team and their marketing department to research and develop a unique corporate identity that would be easily recognized by their target markets.  The new logo, and tag line formed the basis for all other materials that were developed. The logo is composed of a futuristic “technology” font, with liquid drop accents in the “A”s of the logo to represent the liquid materials they want to be famous for working with.  Additionally, a sub brand was developed for their “Flex DS” product line and was used in the resulting material sell sheets.
Using the new brand as a foundation, a new website was developed with the main goals of informing potential investors about the company, and also for attracting new scientific talent to the company roster.
Also a set of sellsheets were created allowing Auterra to leave behind important information for review after sales calls.  These sheets show off the different product areas of focus, and another stand alone sheet provides visual examples of how the Auttera process works vs. standard processing techniques currently in use today.  Knowing that their markets and potential customers span the globe, each sheet was provided in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.  All of these new sellsheets were cut one inch shorter than the one before, and all fit inside a custom pocket folder that was also developed.  When assembled in the folders, the sheets staggered perfectly to allow “tabbed” browsing of the materials.
Finally, Rampant Imaginations provided Auterra with fresh sets of business cards that matched all of their other new marketing materials, rounding out their full marketing overhaul.

Armed with their new materials, Auterra hit the road and traveled to more than 12 countries in as many months spreading the word about their process, and availability for sale.  The trips were wildly successful, and the company is currently evaluating multiple opportunities for partnerships and potential sales as a direct result of these efforts.

"The work Rampant Imaginations did for Auterra stands for itself - aesthetic, well-designed and effective."

- Joshua Kunkle,
Director of Marketing
Auterra, Inc.