Case Studies

KCO Resource Management started out as an extremely small but dedicated Human Resource Management company, dedicated to placing the right people, with the right positions while maintaining a strong core of personal service where candidates and employers often feel like partners and family members, rather than business associates.  With a strong background in the Dairy, Food & Beverage, and Manufacturing sectors, KCO wanted to take their company to the next level with a brand marketing strategy that would allow them to grow and realize their goals.

After meeting with the core team at KCO we realized these weren’t your average HR / recruiting firm.  KCO is a place where old fashioned values meet today’s ever changing needs and requirements, and people are still treated like people, and not as human capital.
We worked with KCO to develop a strong brand identity that shows their corporate colors, and exudes the strength the stability of a large firm, but with a fashionable, clean bent.  The colors and elements of the logo were used to create the templates for all future creative items from their website, to business cards, polo shirts and even cows.

When working with KCO, we found KCO’s strength to be its relationships between their talent pool, and the clients they placed them with.  Rampant Imaginations worked with KCO staff to help craft and position the content for their website to attract and retain the interest of two key groups – Employers, and Prospective Candidates. With these groups identified, we used these audiences to guide the rest of the content on the site, to appeal to these groups teaching each one more about KCO, and moving them along to the next article, culminating in an email, phone call, or other contact.

To round out the new brand and website, a few sets of business cards were created that showed off their brand, and in one case, their specialty in the Dairy Industry with specially designed “Cow” cards. This theme was carried on with polo shirts, thank you cards, and even desktop toy sized cows with the new KCO logo.

Milking their new marketing materials for all they are worth, in less than 2 years KCO has grown from a 3 person company to over 15 full time employees and additional support staff.  Additionally, they have expanded out of New York into the national market, and has also started placing and sourcing positions overseas in Thailand and china.


"Mark's organization, follow through and communication made the process as easy as possible on us, while still achieving our goals within our desired timelines. "

- Jill Osterhout,
Executive Director & Managing Partner
KCO Resource Management