The Process

A good system shortens the road to the goal.

A solid process is essential for success

When designing something from scratch, the enormity of the task can sometimes make you feel like quitting before you even begin. No matter if it's a new or refreshed corporate brand, new website, or a user interface overhaul for a large "in place" application, it all starts with the same need. To be finished as quickly as possible,

Rampant Imaginations follows Rational Unified Process (RUP) for all projects. This process is broken in to 4 phases: Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition. Below is an overview of the 4 phases that govern each project. We will go into more detail when you contact us for a free assessment of your project.


Is where ideas start to take shape. Scope for the project is proposed, listing all of the desired requirements for the project. This phase is very much like brainstorming, and many meetings are held to understand what the success criteria for the project will be. It is not uncommon for this phase to take as long as the construction phase itself. As a general rule, more time spent on this phase results in a higher quality product. The outcome of this phase is the sitemap document and basic requirements and goals for the project.


is the process of reviewing the items identified in the Inception phase, and evaluating their worth to the end product as a whole. Items that are deemed to be too costly, will take too long, or just aren't needed are placed into future projects, or shelved altogether. The outcome of this phase is the final sitemap, and the site content plan - the summation of all content that will be needed on the site, as well as a design composition of the proposed site. When these documents are approved, the Construction phase can begin.


contains all tasks related to building out the site and features requested in the elaboration phase. In order to start this phase, two documents are required. A set of final, approved site mockups and the filled out content plan. During this phase, a staging site is made available where you can monitor progress and make comments, corrections, and or suggestions as needed. It is also a time where change orders can be initiated. The final product of this phase is the completed and tested website.


Now that the site is complete, it is ready to be tested and deployed in the Transition phase. In this phase, the site is thought of as development complete, and ready for testing prior to launch. Both Rampant Imaginations and you will go over the site carefully to make sure all agreed upon items have been taken care of, and the site is ready for launch. Rampant Imaginations will then move the site live. Once the transfer has completed, Rampant Imaginations will notify you of the sites new live status and work with you to do post launch testing to make sure the transfer completed successfully.

"Their extensive knowledge of web marketing and search engine optimization is remarkable"

- Steve Jeffes,
President and Founder
Edge up Marketing

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