Is It Time to Kiss Your Web Firm Goodbye?

Question: How many web firms are capable of building or managing a website for you?

          Answer: 97,000,000,000,000,000,000 (give or take a few).

          Technically speaking that’s: 97-gazillion web firms in all of web world (give or take a few).

So, how do you know if the ONE you are working with today is your true web-soul-mate?

          Ask and answer these three simple but vital questions:


          Do you feel like you’d lost that “loving feeling?”

          Listen to your heart.

          Here’s the reality of business partnerships: lots of folks can do an “OK” job for you. “Great” results come from a relationship built on comfort and trust. That’s not to say you need to be best buddies with your outside resources. You don’t need to be go on annual vacations with them. But, if you’ve begun to feel unsettled and uncertain about the person or firm you are working with, don’t ignore the warning signs. Chances are there are stylistic, artistic, or intellectual incompatibilities that need to be addressed. Doing so will sometimes highlight the need to find a new on-the-job dance partner!


          Are you the love of THEIR life?

          Put in practical terms:

          Do you get FAST answers to your questions or concerns?

          Are those answers comprehensive and to-the-point?

          Are you given detailed timetables for when to expect action?

          Are those timetables consistently met?

          We all realize that our outside resources most likely work with multiple

clients. It’s unrealistic to expect constant flattery and lavish attention, but you should absolutely expect to be dating the type of business partner who,

metaphorically comes and knocks on your door, meets your parents, and occasionally brings flowers, versus parking in your driveway and honking the horn to get your attention.

          Most importantly: you need (and deserve) that those you are paying for a professional service, truly listen to you, and truly hear what you are saying.

If there is a constant disconnect in responsiveness you probably are

talking to someone who no longer really cares about your voice.


          Does your current web resources provider argue with you, then pout when he, she or they do not get his, her or their way?

          If your outside business resource is opinionated, GREAT! You are paying for expert opinions. You will benefit from honest input and


          However, a healthy creative process is made possible by a well-balanced relationship in which disagreements about what best meets agreed-upon expectations are resolved through mature dialogue and the understanding that you, as the person who signs the checks, will consider all recommendations, then make ultimate decisions.

          Sometimes the above reality will upset others. Sometimes they will be angry. Sometimes they will give you the silent treatment. If any of those things happen, let emotions cool-down for a few days. If others remain upset, angry or silent, it might be time to open the door that lets others exit your life.

          In conclusion, and in the immortal words of the singer, Neil Sedaka:

          “Do do do
          Down dooby doo down down
          Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down
          Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down
          Breaking up is hard to do.”

          Yes, breaking up is hard to do.

          But, if you’ve answered the three key questions presented above and realize that your current web firm is not giving you the warm fuzzies that come from responsive professional performance, don’t wait for expected results that probably will never happen.

          Act now.

          Give a kiss goodbye.

          Move forward!

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