The Averill Park Education Foundation has been providing grants for educators to cover events, supplies, and activities that fall outside of normal school budgets.  Aimed specifically at cultural and artistic projects, these grants have provided amazing opportunities for the students in the school system.

Their previous website didn’t reflect spirit and personalty of the foundations current form. The content and focus of the site needed to be updated and tell their incredible story.

They approached Rampant Imaginations to help them rebuild their site from the ground up to bring their personalities and grants to the front and center. We not only updated the site with a more modern look, stronger focus on their message and goals, but we also helped them improve the way they interacted with educators and donors.

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The Foundation stradles two vastly different worlds that are difficult to bridge, but critical to their core business. They are constantly seeking donors to provide funds for future grants, and actively campaigns to solicit them. On the other side, they work very hard at communicating to educators that grants are available and encouraging them to apply for funding for creative and cultural projects that will benefit their students.

Rampant Imaginations worked with APEF to understand these two very different audiences and created a website that speaks to both audiences equally and effectively.

We designed a striking new visual style coupled with targeted calls to action for donations, and to apply for grants. To help raise awareness of both donors and educators to the great work the Averill Park Education Foundation does, we found ways to include loads of examples of past grants as elements on each page. These examples allowed both audiences to see where their money was going, how it was used, and the amazing impact it had on young lives.

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The foundation had a problem. It took a lot of effort to process each grant application. Each one required multiple signatures from people that spread over the school system, and educators didn’t always know what information was going to be needed to apply.

We designed a master set of templates for APEF staff to use that can be downloaded directly from the site. These new templates were designed to brand standards and made for a cleaner presentation.

Finally, we added a dual ability to the application where people could fill it out directly in their browser and print it, or print it out and fill it out manually. This greatly sped up the application process since now the educators could move the documents along to the needed signatures themselves, removing this burden from the board members.

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