Since 1989 Sea Tech has led the field of mobile installation and repair service for boats and marine craft. Their fiercely loyal following draws boats from all over the US to their shops for refit and customizations.

With a solid following of return maintenance customers, Sea Tech had two major needs – overhaul their current website to attract new customers and find a way to handle scheduling an ever-growing volume of service calls, service techs, and resources across the State of Florida.

Sail Past Service

Get Back

On the Water

When Sea Tech came to us, they were already a highly successful business with a solid book of clients. Now they wanted to elevate their brand with a new website to have the look of quality Sea Tech’s customers have come to expect.

It all started with a new logo that captured the spirit of the open water, with a unique twist to make it instantly recognizable. This new brand gave us lots of ideas and direction to inform other aspects of their marketing from brochures, print ads, tradeshow materials, and of course their new website.

During the discovery process, Rampant Imaginations looked beyond the sales and service of marine craft and focused on turning Sea Tech into a brand that made you remember why you bought a boat in the first place – to be on open water.

To accomplish this, we used imagery depicting what life is like on the water with your newly serviced vessel, not focusing on the time when you and your boat are stuck in the service department. Adding to the lifestyle photography, we used water-based elements and colors to break up hard and strict lines that most sites in the industry use to help evoke the feeling of being in your happy place.

Building a Solid Brand for

Greater Consistency

With the new brand focus, Rampant Imaginations started flowing Sea Tech’s new look, feel, and messaging out to all corners of the business. This new consistent look and feel to all of their materials stretches to every customer touch point from their websites and trade advertising all the way through to the vehicles they drive.

Critical Solutions for a

Fluid Business

Sea Tech's


“After looking at hundreds of different scheduling packages, we realized our needs were very specific to our industry and our business. Every “out of the box” scheduling solution we tried never came close to doing all of the things we needed it to and just weren’t able to do all the things we needed it to.

Sea Tech needed to be able to keep track of our entire business life cycle including sales, service tickets, part ordering, technician availability, and billing. All the products we tried did pieces or parts of what we needed but none coordinated our entire lifecycle from sales and parts to scheduling and follow-up. As our company grew we also had a strong need to keep track of each tech’s location and the status of parts and materials for repairs or installations.

Rampant Imaginations listened carefully to our needs and took the time to understand exactly what features were critical to our business designed and developed a custom web application specific for us. They did an absolutely stellar job! 6 years later, this program is still working flawlessly.”,

Paul Wassberg,  Owner
Sea Tech Marine Systems

“When we met Rampant Imaginations, we were literally handling all our schedules and sales with a whiteboard and magnets. As our customer base continued to explode, we quickly realized we needed a better way to keep track of the workflow of our business.”

Bruce Norton, General Manager
Sea Tech



Before any design or development work was started, we conducted many meetings where we gathered information about every aspect of their business. How they found and sold their customers, how they process sales orders, what software and processes they use to manage and order parts, how they scheduled and kept track of their technicians, and finally how they managed their employee timecards and payroll.

During this process, we identified many opportunities to help consolidate effort, provide crucial reports, and allow technicians and accountants an easy way to communicate the time spent on each project.

The final product revolutionized the way Sea Tech operated its business. Not only is information flowing in and out of their processes faster, but they also have a level of visibility and reporting on key performance indicators they never thought was possible.



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