If you are looking to sell your home, you quickly realize a home is much more than a parcel of land and materials. Home means comfort and joy.  It’s where you decompress, you gather, make memories, and simply – be.

Laura Credico is an interior designer that stages houses for sale. When you see her work, are transported through the photos and can imagine yourself in these amazing homes. Past clients have remarked she did such an amazing job, they don’t even want to move anymore.

Laura was recommended to us from another Rampant Imaginations client. When she came to us, her site had a number of issues that were preventing her from being found online. If people did find her, the visual presentation of the site just didn’t do Laura, or her work justice. There wasn’t an appealing showcase of past work, and the text copy didn’t match Laura’s unique style and panache.

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You Can See

When Laura met with us she brought lots of materials and examples recent projects and we were blown away. We looked back and forth between these and her existing website and knew right away what we had to do.

She had recently benefited from an external website audit that highlighted a number of issues preventing the site from being found easily with the major search engines. Laura’s first instinct was to start here, thinking her issues were simply technical issues. We suspected there was something else holding her back. She needed to send a clear message with an inviting voice, and upgrade the visual appeal of the site to match her stunning work.

Her Pictures are worth a

Thousand Words

After spending some time with Laura and reviewing her website, we proposed building a new site that instantly made people connect with her and what she does. This included new website copy, visual layout, site organization, and most importantly – the examples of her work. When you see a photo of Laura’s work you can instantly see the thought, energy, and a strong sense of “Home” baked into each one.

These are more than just images, they are dream homes her site visitors see themselves stepping into. We knew we needed to make these photos would be the stars of her new website. They needed to be big, sharp, clear and striking.

Improvements that Add

Curb Appeal

It started with in depth conversations about who she was, what her preferred clients were like and what appealed to them most. Her primary business is staging homes for sale. When a client trusts her with their home she instantly begins visualizing things she can do to make it instantly appealing to potential buyers.

Our first step was to take her breathtaking photos and put them front and center on each and every page. Not only do these spaces look amazing, the sheer number of them available on each page reinforce Laura’s undeniable experience but also her incredible flaire for creating fantastics spaces.

Next we chose a color palate that was muted but elegant with golds and blues that added to her visuals without competing with them.

We updated her entire message to speak to the home seller’s feelings. Showing they can trust Laura to transform their home into a potential buyers dream home with phrases like “We Create Amazing Spaces” and “Transformations so incredible, you might not want to move”.

As we rebuilt the site from the ground up, we used SEO best practices by adding specific keywords, adding descriptive titles and names on all images, and made many improvements to the “meta” information on each page.

The final result was the an incredible transformation for the site itself that completely engaged Laura’s visitors and continues to land her client after client.

Investments That

Generate Sales

“I was referred to Rampant Imaginations by a trusted colleague of mine when I had mentioned to her that I needed to update and revamp my website. I spoke to Mark a few times before deciding to work with him after finding out how knowledgeable and talented he was with websites!

I am a home stager/designer and my strength is…well, home staging and design. I love my work and had lots of photography and ideas for my website but no vision of how to put it together to make it user friendly.

That’s where Rampant Imaginations came in. They suggested how to make the website modern, updated as well as timeless so it highlighted not only my work but who I am as a company and what our services are. They are patient and are always there to offer an opinion when asked. Rampant Imaginations definitely took my website to the next level and also continues to maintain it and works with me to keep it looking new and fresh. Thank you Mark!”

Laura Credico
Founder, Interiors By Laura Design

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