Small Changes. Big Results.

Dr. Matthew Kulka, a board-certified family medicine physician with 20 years of clinical experience, has seen firsthand the effects of poor nutrition, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle can have on people. Over the years he had developed home generated handouts to help his patients understand how some simple steps – a little at a time can lead to amazing changes in their life, health, and management of their medical conditions.

He had a singular vision – help people fix their personal relationship with food in an easy to undestand and sustainable way. He wanted to do this by setting up a website to sell his program to anyone in the world.

What he needed was the right partner to take his idea and run with it. And boy, did we.

Who Knew

Something So Hard Could Be

So Simple?

Once we met Matt and got to know him as a person and a physician we quickly realized we were witnesses to something with amazing potential. We met often to get to know him, his practice, and more importantly, the passion he has for his patients and their well-being. Matt walked us through each of the steps he had developed, and it had us all rethinking our approach to food.

The more we learned, the more we realized this idea was a huge undertaking. But Matt has a saying –

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step"

We took this to heart and made it a keep piece of his message.  As discussions progressed we identified a rough plan to design what became the Seriously Simple Steps website and an approach to tell the programs story and showcase it’s features.  As we worked on this it became apparent that a much larger scope was needed. We were going to struggle with people knowing Matt, and breaking through all of the pills, powders, and programs that make up the $225 Billion weight loss industry. To do that, people needed to know Matt and we needed to gain their trust.

Establishing Credibility

Building Trust


The first challenge we encountered was establishing Matt as a subject matter expert and a trustworthy individual. This step was critical to establishing Matt’s credentials and expertise getting customers to trust his experience and expertise.

We started with a logo that was playful, yet professional using the “D” in Dr. as part of a stethescope, and paired it with a modern font. Then, we created a color pallate based on his favorite colors and the beginnings of a brand were born.

With the corporate identity set, we continued to develop the brand with other design elements that we could use in print items, and on the website. During our reasearch we saw from Matt’s examples that small things add up to big changes. We used this to create a short memorable, impactful tagline for the course – “Small changes. Big Results”.

To attract the attention of visitors and the search engines, we recommended a blog article strategy to keep the site fresh with new content while adding to his keyword saturation for SEO purposes. Finally an editorial calendar and social media strategy were generated that Matt Continues to add to and execute to this day.

Matt’s consistency pays off. He has reached more than 5,000 subscribers on Facebook in recordtime and the number is steadily climbing.

Simply Building

Healthier Lives

Once was lauched, up and running, we turned our attention to developing Dr. Kulka’s big idea – The Seriously Simple Steps for Weightloss and Wellness.

Matt wanted a website that hosted a video course consisting of 10 easy to follow steps that will have a significantly positive effect on the customer’s health.

What followed were deep discussions with Matt about the course, the individual steps, why they work, and who could benefit from them.  What we found wasn’t a fad diet, pills, powders, or a cleanse.  Instead, Seriously Simple Steps is a set of easy to follow instructions that was the way for us all to fix how we look at food.

Gathering the Right


We started with the logo for the Seriously Simple Steps. Using bold colors that capture your eye, and a small design element that evoked the sense of “clean food”.

From there, we got to work on setting the messaging and voice of the project stressing it’s accessibility to everyone and how it can really change lives.

Next, we worked with Matt to outline the entire course and how it would be rolled out to the customer over time. Finally we identified some additional materials and tools the customer receives to increase the perceived value of the package.

“Throughout the process, I felt like I had a partner, not just a consultant. In no uncertain terms, Rampant Imaginations is a gem in a mound of stones.”

Dr. Matthew Kulka
Founder, Seriously Simple Steps

Cooking Up

An Evergreen Program

Serving Up the

Main Course

Using the new Seriously Simple Steps branding guidelines we built a stand alone website that is just about the program. It contained information about the program, calorie calculators, and a full e-commerce shopping cart with subscription based payment processing.

For the star of the show – the online course, Rampant Imaginations built a custom e-learning platform that “dripped” one step of the course a week to each customer based on their sign up date. This allowed each customer to start on their own terms and work through it as they were ready to advance.

With the details of the course set, we set our sites on creating an value packed package for customers to make the purchase price more attractive.

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