We all know climate change is upon us. Weather patterns are changing drastically, our energy usage is skyrocketing. Our dependence on fossil fuels and slow adoption of sustainable energy isn’t helping.

What we don’t realize is there are lots of small steps we can take individually, right now, today, that can make a change. These changes will not impact the environment but will most definitely upgrade our own standard of living. The people who know this are those who live The Clean Energy Life (TCEL). This concept was developed by Warren Evens of the ReWire Group as a way to educate all of us of the things we can do to have a positive impact on our lives and the environment.

A Powerful Desire to


Encourage & Change our World

When Warren came to us, we had no idea the length and depth of things we could do to impact our own lives, and the environment as a whole. From where we shop, to how we eat, even how and when we chose to travel all add up to measurable change as we change our thinking and habits. More importantly, we had no idea how easy some of these would be, and how quickly small changes add up to a big difference in our lives.

Rampant Imaginations listened intently to Warren in numerous meetings outline his plan and the options for consumers and businesses to benefit from TCEL. From these sessions we developed a solid sitemap that allowed us to organize Warren’s ideas into an easy to navigate website structure, editorial calendar, and social media schedule that would continue long after the site was launched.

Building a



Warren came prepared with ideas for his logo and his vision for the TCEL Brand. Warren’s wanted to find a way to mix clean energy with technology and nature – showing they can all work together. A stark contrast to how they are portrayed today.

Working side by side with Warren we we helped him turn his vision into messages and visuals the piqued the visitors curiosity.

We wanted the site to bright and clean, representing the type of world we could have, while being inviting and evoking the feeling of a spring day. We chose colors from a pallatte of warm colors and mixed them with some natural greens and blues. For the logo we chose orange for the sun symbol and paired it with a skyblue for the logotype. The final result being a mix of strong solid letters with an ambigous symbol that combines the sun with a water wave depending on how you look at it.

Raising Awareness

Improving Lives

and the World We Live In

Changing Minds

Changing Lives

We knew when we started this project the biggest challenge we would face would be getting people to look past their perceptions of what a clean energy life would look like. Many looked at it like an “energy diet” or something that would cost them vast sums of money to start.

We learned that nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, TCEL is trying to show us how we can use more energy to improve our lives in a sustainable way.

We needed to find a way to get site visitors to understand this quickly and grab their attention with easy to understand concepts like saving money, leveling up their lifestyle, and easy things you can do today to live more sustainably.

We organized the site with collections of blog categories, each focused on a different area the visitor might be intersted in. With no set order to consume them, they are free to explore as their interests evolved.

The result is a site full of helpful information that reshapes our thinking about what we think about our energy consumption and our impact on the environment.

With the site launched, we continue to provide support with updates and supporting matierials for Warren and the other companies in the ReWire Group.

Next on the roadmap is a planned “Gamification” of the site where visitors can signup for accounts and track their progress as they gain experience, and awards for reaching different levels of the clean energy life.

Ready. Set. Grow.

Project Components of the Clean Energy Life

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