The WGB Foundation is one of the Capital Regions best kept secrets. They are a small organization with an amazing goal: find organizations that make communities stronger and support them with generous donations.  They truly make a living through giving to others.  Funded by the foundations namesake – W.G. Broughton, the foundation had never done any advertising, marketing, or even networking to find it’s recipients.  Instead, they relied upon word of mouth and their own research to find organizations to aid.

When Covid-19 happened, the Foundation found itself in a strange situation. Grant requests went way down to a trickle, and the stock market hits new highs each week. This left W.G. Broughton foundation with an urgent need to find worthy organizations to support before their non-profit organization status was challenged. They knew the time was at hand to move on to the world wide web and raise awareness of their organization.

Clean Start with a

Blank Page

The foundation approached Rampant Imaginations to help develop their first website.  They had little experience with the web, or how to market their organization. They only knew wanted to tell the story of the W.G. Broughton and his foundation with the goal of increasing grant applications. 

In our first meetings we realized the foundation never had the most basic forms of a corporate identity. No logo, business cards, or letterhead. Just one anonymous email account for communicating with the outside world. This gave us a very rare blank slate to start creating their brand and image.

A Distinct Identity for an



Our first challenge was coming up with a logo as unique as the founder – W.G. Broughton.  Mr. Broughton was an amazing individual with large means that lived a humble life.  His favorite things to do were ride motorcycles, and support worthy organizations that could do amazing things with the financial gifts he sent to them.

Despite his wealth, he was down to earth and cherished his personal relationships.  We internalized these attributes and created a logo which emulated his hand written signature. The logo form is very distinctive and imparts an approachable feeling with a old world formality. As soon as the board saw it, they knew we had captured their vision.

Getting Ready for Their

Online Debut

Working closely with Foundation staff, we researched all we could find on W.G. Broughton, why he created the foundation and who it served. We took a deep dive into their impressively large list of past grants and saw the amazing reach the foundation had.

We wanted every page of the website to inform the visitor, and also find additional ways of telling his story. Equally important the site needed to tell visitors exactly who they are looking to help and how to apply.

The Greatest Stories

Never Told

The story of the foundation can’t be told without referencing countless stories of organizations benefiting from generous grants. They ranged from higher education, medical organizations, land conservation, social work and a multitude of others. W.G. Broughton also had a special affinity for medical professionals and first responders as these groups played such an important role in his own life.

To spotlight the wide range of organizations they have helped we created slideshows and banners at the top of each page that highlighted a small fraction of the work that they have done. We also created a featured grants area that provided detail on some of the foundations recent grants.

As a result, those that visit the site get an instant sense of what these amazing people do, how they can help, and how charitable organizations can apply for grants themselves.

An Overnight


30 Years in the Making

Within 2 days of the site’s launch, they received their first grant application through the website. Many more followed over the coming months and now the W.G. Broughton foundation has many applications to review and award.

In addition to the logo and website, Rampant Imaginations also helped the foundation with its first set of business cards and letterhead templates. We can’t wait to see who they get to help next.

Changing Circumstances &

Changing Lives

Connecting with Clients

Creating Partnerships

“After a 28 year existence without an internet presence, the Broughton Foundation stepped into the 21st century to create its first website. As we sought a website developer, Mark and Rampant Imaginations came highly recommended to us by a client of their’s, a very satisfied local business.

After a successful interview, in which Mark shared their previous work, clearly described the website development process and thoroughly answered all of our questions, we hired them. They got right to work, meeting with our team on many occasions to determine our needs and wants for the website.

Creating a logo was one of their first tasks, and wow, did they ever come through for us! We LOVE the logo! Throughout the website creation process, we found that Rampant Imaginations was very thorough with their work, kept in constant communication with us and were OVER THE TOP creative with all aspects of the design. They were a real pleasure to work with. The final product, our first website, is breathtaking and surpassed all of our expectations. We are beyond pleased with the work Rampant Imaginations did on our behalf. ”

Jean Duxbury
W.G. Broughton Foundation

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